Warehouse Services

BERGER CARGO UKRAINE effectively optimizes the logistics chain. While you are developing your business, we are involved in the organization of warehouse management.

And this includes:
- range of loading, unloading and cargo processing in different types of packaging;
- quality and quantity acceptance/processing of goods by item;
- sorting and storage;
- picking & packing;
- tracking of seasonality and sales, best-before dates control;
- acceptance of returns;
- repacking & sticker labeling;
- formation of promotional kits;
- inventory (reporting, analysis of results).

We store your goods in a logistics complex with the total area of 20,000 sq.m., located 16 km from Kyiv in Boryspil district. This is a B + class warehouse. It has anti dust floor coating and maintains a constant temperature regime from +15 to +24 C.
We certainly took care of safety, so your goods are insured by a leading European company, as well as premises are equipped with a modern fire alarm system and 24/7 security system with video surveillance.
Among the other advantages, we are proud of having the warehouse management system and all kinds of unloading/loading equipment.

And something more about the attitude. BERGER CARGO UKRAINE assumes responsibility for the storage of your goods. So, we treat every package and item with the same concern and care as our own property. Welcome to the world of new logistics service - BERGER CARGO UKRAINE!

Transport services

In addition to warehousing, we have built a sophisticated system of freight forwarding services. It is no exaggeration to say that we are ready to deliver your goods to any corner not only of Ukraine but of the whole globe. Full or assorted ladings can travel both by land or by sea or by air.

BERGER CARGO UKRAINE undertakes the care on all additional issues including cargo insurance and legal support while arranging domestic and international transportation.

At the same time, delivery is made in the shortest possible time, with a high level of security, and what is important for every business, at favorable rates.

Welcome to the world of new logistics service - BERGER CARGO UKRAINE!

Customs brokerage services

Customs clearance is probably the most difficult stage for entrepreneurs to handle.

BERGER CARGO UKRAINE performs turnkey customs clearance services. We provide advice on customs brokerage services, and on the preparation of necessary documents for customs clearance.

At customs clearance, we undertake to pass the procedures following tariff and non-tariff regulations (veterinary, phytosanitary, environmental and other types of state control), we arrange goods clearance in all customs regimes. We provide legal support for customs disputes resolution. All this concerns clearance at all customs posts of Ukraine.

Welcome to the world of new logistics service - BERGER CARGO UKRAINE!