Automation System

BERGER WMS is a cloud full-featured warehouse management system that automates the main business processes:

  • acceptance and placement of goods;
  • movement of goods in the warehouse;
  • processing and completion of orders;
  • documents flow,
  • monitoring the staff’s work efficiency.

BERGER WMS is your company’s top convenient WEB solution.

BERGER WMS is created based on the Oracle Database.

The development language is Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), a proprietary application software development environment based on the Oracle Database.

The system is downloaded as a web service from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It runs from a tablet, or phone, on any device.

Warehouse automation with the BERGER WMS program allows:

up to30%

to increase warehouse staff productivity, which improves the quality of warehouse operations without increasing labor costs.

up to99,9%

to increase the accuracy of picking, thereby reducing labor costs and total warehouse downtime associated with the need for recalculations.


to get an actual picture of the warehouse status in the mode of picking and storage of goods;

to obtain objective data on operations carried out in the warehouse and to build based on it a system of personnel motivation;

to have a set of tools for analysis and further optimization of picking areas and storage locations.

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BERGER SOFT is the management of your IT infrastructure, developing application software, implementing innovative solutions for logistics, and improving an existing system.

The company’s products simplify work in the warehouse, and the new level of automation makes it possible to track goods more accurately and conduct high-quality inventory and other processes, which interested specialists can familiarize themselves with by contacting our company.

“Our team has created a high-quality product, but this is only the beginning. We have decisive ideas that will pleasantly surprise you and the logistics market!”. – © BERGER SOFT team.

BERGER WMS endows with a wide range of options for maximum work efficiency

  • Support for several zones (warehouses) with the possibility of individual settings of operations for each;
  • Possibility of individual adjustment of functions for different counterparties;
  • Support for multi-commodity pallets and picking locations;
  • The option of placing several pallets in one storage place;
  • Support for multi-pallet assembly locations (picking);
  • The possibility of simultaneous picking of orders for different types of transportation volumes (pallets, boxes, cartons, etc.);
  • Batches accounting of processed goods;
  • Automated accounting of packaging turnover;
  • Different mechanisms of controlling the accuracy of picking: by the picking location, by the bar code of the product, by the bar code of the packages, by the batch marking, etc.;
  • The possibility of simultaneous processing of several tasks by one employee;
  • The possibility of reserving a specific batch of goods (setting a shipment ban);
  • Extraction of various types of accompanying documents (consignment notes, sales invoices, etc.);
  • The possibility of use in warehouses with floor storage;
  • The configuration of the warehouse is easily changeable by the user.
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